You are alone in a kayak, traversing a seemingly endless river. As you travel along the twists and turns, you begin to see visions of creatures you don’t recognize, hear sounds that concern you, and you’re pretty sure the trees are moving around when you look away.

STILL ON THE WATER is an experimental obstacle course psychological thriller developed for virtual reality. Players take on the first-person role of a lone kayaker, navigating through unfamiliar waters while dodging boulders and patches of shallows. The experience is designed for individuals who are interested by digital experiences and intrigued by unusual art.

The setting of STILL ON THE WATER is procedurally generated, ensuring a new experience with each playthrough. When the player encounters and runs into an obstacle, the game ends and the player is brought back to the menu screen.

Steering is achieved by use of the arrow keys, WASD, or the joystick on a PC-compatible controller.

The driving idea behind the development of STILL ON THE WATER was the question of the potential in the development of a game where the uncanny valley, rather than being avoided, was embraced and turned into a storytelling and atmospheric device.

STILL ON THE WATER offers to its players a unique and haunting narrative in a subtle way that takes advantage of digital artifacts and delivers something incredible.

You can play STILL ON THE WATER here.

Please contact me for an Oculus-compatible build.