I am proficient in: Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Vicon Blade, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, WordPress Unity 3D, and NUnit Testing, as well as Java, Python, and C#.

Animation and Game Design

I am currently working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Game Design and Production. My coursework includes exercises in drawing, graphic design, 3D art, animation, scripting, and game design and development. You can learn more about my proficiency in these areas at the portfolio page on this site.

Alto Saxophone

I have been playing the alto saxophone since 2006, and perform with several Philadelphia ensembles, including the Drexel Concert Band, Drexel Jazz Orchestra, and the Philadelphia Wind Symphony.

Events Coordination and Management

I have served as Events Coordinator for two university organizations, and have also informally organized several events. These include everything from small get-togethers with the goal of community building to a massive on-campus event with 6 sponsoring organizations and an attendance of more than 100 students. I am proficient in coordinating catering and food, securing locations, reaching out to external sources, and wading through bureaucratic requirements to achieve my goals.

Social Media

As a digital native and social media aficionado, I have built up years of experience on sites across the Web. I am a firm believer that actual interaction within these entities trumps empty theorizing, and therefore believe that my experience in this topic makes me highly competent as a social media content creator. I have run Instagram accounts (@drexelegs, @pinuepsilon.beta),  Facebook (Pi Nu Epsilon Drexel University) pages, and Twitter (@drexelpepband, @egsdrexel) accounts, all of which remain consistent sources of information about their respective entities.

Talks & Speeches

I’m very passionate about the things I care about, and I love to share that passion with others. In the past, I have been invited to share my work at the 2015 FIRST Championship Conferences (St. Louis, MO), Drexel University’s 2017 Week of Undergraduate Excellence (Philadelphia, PA), and the 2017 National Conference on Undergraduate Research (Memphis, TN).

Project Management

Anyone who has worked with Drexel students knows how difficult it is to get more than 2 of them in a single room for more than 30 seconds. I managed Still on the Water, a class project in the summer of 2017, for which my tasks included preparing weekly update presentations, scheduling meeting times, ensuring all hardware was properly distributed, keeping source control updated, and handing in all deliverables for the project. Additionally, in my two stints at Drexel’s Entrepreneurial Game Studio, I have been active in lab administration, which has covered tasks ranging from managing a library of several thousand dollars’ worth of mobile devices to planning and running monthly meetings for lab staff and incubator members.


I am also skilled in writing. I have completed several blog posts about my research (which you can read here and here), compiled an eighteen-page document about my research on the design of engaging digital learning environments, and assisted with the creation of several academic documents, literature reviews, and proposals at the Entrepreneurial Game Studio. In addition to this, I have completed pitch documents and one-pagers for my game projects at Drexel, as well as a submission for the GDC Student Game Narrative Analysis competition.

Liturgical Music

My passion for music and my love of the Catholic faith has led me to a position as an amateur liturgical musician. My duties currently include cantoring daily Mass once a week, as well as hymn planning, rehearsal directing, and cantoring at special Masses such as Ash Wednesday and Baccalaureate Masses for the Drexel Newman Catholic Community.